Usage Suggestions

Coaster Material & Sizes Suggested For Usage

The proper use of coasters demonstrates good ??? And thoughtfulness.  Coasters are also a powerful advertising medium.
Beverage coaters offers a huge selection of custom coasters to meet the needs of the food and beverage industries.  Adding a touch of class to any operation.


                           Recommended For Food And Cocktail Service

Cellulose Quality
Highest Quality
Six Ply Cellulose With Waxed Paper Backing
The Industry Standard For Over 40 Years
Best Absorption And Protection
Color: White

Most Economical
One Ply Absorbent Blotter Material
Color: White
Excellent Reproduction



                                                             Recommended For Cocktail Service

Colored Budgetboard
• Same Features As Regular Budgetboard
• Vast Array Of Colors Available In
Quantities Of 5 Million Or More
• Call For A Price Quotation

• Available In Standard 35 & 45 Pt.
• Bar Coasters 3 ½, Rnd. & Sq.
• 4” Available, Rnd. & Sq.
• Heavy Duty Service
• 5” Available, Round Only
• Color: Natural

Custom Coasters Are Available In Five Sizes For Food And Cocktail Service.  Suggested Use Of Custom Coasters

3” Round
Small Tea Cups
4” Round Or Square
Cocktail Service
Wide Base Glasses And Mugs
Soup Bowls And Salad Plates
Special Order
3-3/8” Round
Cup And Saucer
Cocktail And Other Beverage
5” Round
Cocktail Mats
Pitchers, Carafes, Vase Serving Pieces
Special Order
3-3/8” Square
Cocktail And Other Beverages
Square-Mug Service





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