Factory Seconds

Factory Seconds and Misprints 

What Are Factory Seconds and Misprints? 
Factory Seconds and Misprints are an easy way to get good quality coasters with out the expense of design and printing plates. They are a good way to get a less expensive coaster for every day use. By purchasing these factory seconds and misprints you are also helping the environment. Without someone to use these perfectly good coasters the only thing we can do with them is dispose of them. 

How Can I get Factory Seconds and Misprints?

Getting Factory Seconds is easy simply click here to e-mail Gregory. You and your guests could be placing your glasses on elegant fine dining coasters or even heavy duty beer mug coasters.

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Factory Seconds & Misprints
SIZE, SHAPE, COLOR, EDGE MAY VARY FROM PICTURE SHOWN. Cellulose and Pulp Board are packaged ..
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